Aleesha Sattva

Aleesha brings her tangles classes to our Youtube channel, with early access to Patreon. She’s taught hundreds of classes, both live and recorded, across many different disciplines, including art, meditation, and Reiki. She holds several different certifications including CZT (Certified Zentagle Instructor).

Aleesha teaches on dX Recordings

Carissa Tanton

She’s our YouTube genius. She lives off-grid in Portugal with her partner, Iwan, and runs Frankie Off Grid, their YouTube channel. She’s a fantastic illustrator, talented video editor, and mom to a number of dogs, cats, and chickens!

Carissa teaches on dX Recordings

Dr. Matt Schwartz

He’s our mental health guru (with a doctorate in social work, would you expect anything less?). He’s run countless programs focused on helping and empowering people, and always with a focus on how he can be of service to his community. He’s a creative coach, self-proclaimed mad scientist, and dad to three “snoopervisors”, aka his furry four-legged family.

Dr. Matt teaches on dX Recordings

Helen Leigh-Phippard

Helen Leigh-Phippard is a British portrait artist who started drawing with the online Sketchbook Skool more than 10 years ago. In 2016 she started what was supposed to be a 100 day project drawing a face a day but didn’t stop for more than 3 years, mostly using images from the Museum by Sktchy app as inspiration. She’s now drawn over 1800 portraits (with Copic markers, coloured pencils, watercolour, ballpoint pen and on an iPad using the Procreate app) and regularly draws commissions. She’s been teaching portrait drawing with a variety of media online for the past 2 years.

Helen teaches LIVE on dX Live

Jedidiah Dore

Jedidiah Dore specializes in reportage art, mural painting and drawing. Dore was commissioned to paint a large-scale NYC Murals Project at the landmark Daily News Building in NYC. There are 17 completed murals with 6 of the murals measuring 30 feet in length. He recently created art for an exhibition with NASA James Webb Space Telescope, documented the Artemis 1 Mission – Launch at Kennedy Space Center, and is currently exhibiting a collection of paintings at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum.

Jed teaches LIVE on dX Live

Joan Martin

Joan Martin, an artist and high school art teacher residing on the tropical east coast of Durban, South Africa, immerses herself in mixed media artworks described as reflecting intense curiosity and creative courage. She enjoys experimenting with tools beyond her control and splashing materials to create unique creations, emphasizing the importance of making mistakes for true learning. Participating in group exhibitions both locally and internationally, Joan also leads workshops, presents art talks, teaches online classes, and contributes as a curator for local galleries.

Joan teaches LIVE on dX Live

Parzival Sattva

He’s our creative writing impresario (yes, the creative writing guy needed the fanciest word). He’s the author of over 1,000 one-hundred-word stories (some of which are being illustrated and will be published through dX exPress). He’s a linguistical mastermind, character creator, and devoted husband to Aleesha. He holds certifications in meditation, Reiki, and career and life coaching, and degrees in accountancy and taxation (MAc, MS), and astronomy (BA).

Parz teaches on dX Recordings