She’s the brains behind this whole thing. She ran the Spark program at Sketchbook Skool for three years and knows everything there is to know about putting together a successful program. She’s an accomplished artist, entrepreneur, and mom to five kids (none of whom live with her) and eight nine many cats (five of whom do live with her and the other three four many living outdoors!)


She’s our YouTube genius. She lives off-grid in Portugal with her partner, Iwan, and runs Frankie Off Grid, their YouTube channel. She’s a fantastic illustrator, talented video editor, and mom to a number of dogs, cats, and chickens!

Dr. Matt

He’s our mental health guru (with a doctorate in social work, would you expect anything less?). He’s run countless programs focused on helping and empowering people, and always with a focus on how he can be of service to his community. He’s a creative coach, self-proclaimed mad scientist, and dad to three “snoopervisors”, aka his furry four-legged family.


He’s our creative writing impresario (yes, the creative writing guy needed the fanciest word). He’s the author of over 1,000 one-hundred-word stories (some of which are being illustrated by Aleesha and will be published through drawingXpressions). He’s a linguistical mastermind, character creator, and devoted husband to Aleesha and dad to the aforementioned feline zoo.